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Welcome From  Mabel Ere Dillingham

Alf & Bett Scholars is situated in Amadi Flat, Old G.R.A. Port-Harcourt.  Children are admitted into our Setting from as early as 3 months to 5 years.

At Alf & Bett we believe that every child should be valued and cherished as an individual whilst being encouraged to attain the highest possible educational standards.  We provide a safe and healthy learning environment where our children enjoy learning and we ensure that their learning experiences are as rich and as varied as possible.  We have high expectations of the children in terms of behaviour and we believe that this helps them to develop a positive attitude to learning, which will be sustained throughout their education.

Our skilled and dedicated members of staff work extremely hard to achieve and maintain high standards throughout the school.  We have a Teacher and Teaching Assistants for each Year Group as well as a very effective Inclusion Team who provide additional support for groups or individuals when this is needed.

We believe that, for every child, education is most effective when the school and parents work in partnership.  Consequently parents are encouraged to be as actively involved as possible in the learning process while their children are at Alf & Bett Scholars.

We hope that this website will give you a clear insight into the ethos of Alf & Bett Scholars as well as providing you with detailed information about the services and amenities we offer.  If you would like to find out more about the education your child will receive at Alf & Bett Scholars, we would be delighted to show you around the school.  Please contact us on +234 8181390288 or  +234 8099880029 to make an appointment.

Mabel Ere Dillingham



Mabel Ere Dillingham


Baaba Morris

Montessori Director

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